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Siding and then some!

Lots has happened at our Creekside home since my last framing post. Days where there is no one working at our house are few and far between. Trent has scheduling down to an art, hence why our house is coming along so quickly! Our plumbers began a few weeks ago and have completed the rough in, so all of… Continue reading Siding and then some!

Custom Home

We’ve been framed!

That's right people, we've been framed! The good kind of framed. The kind where this thing we call a lot, turned into this thing that we now call a house! The plans that I have seen on paper, but not really been able to see since my mind does not work the way that Trent's does ,… Continue reading We’ve been framed!

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Curb Appealed. The long journey of de-uglifying the outside of our house.

As crazy as this sounds, I was originally drawn to our house from the curb while house hunting in the neighborhood . Even though the house was REALLY ugly, the lot that it's on is pretty amazing. Our house sits on half an acre and the bulk of it is in the front yard. The large front yard combined with several… Continue reading Curb Appealed. The long journey of de-uglifying the outside of our house.

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Barn or bedroom?

One of the many things that we didn't like about this house when we bought it was the dreadful master bathroom. Aside from it being REALLY ugly, you literally have to walk through it BEFORE you reach the bedroom. From an aesthetic standpoint, one of the issues with this type of layout is that the bathroom is the first impression of the bedroom. From… Continue reading Barn or bedroom?