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Barn or bedroom?

One of the many things that we didn’t like about this house when we bought it was the dreadful master bathroom. Aside from it being REALLY ugly, you literally have to walk through it BEFORE you reach the bedroom. From an aesthetic standpoint, one of the issues with this type of layout is that the bathroom is the first impression of the bedroom. From… Continue reading Barn or bedroom?

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Bathroom Beautification

Though I took a 10 month blog break, our house updates have been going nonstop! We have done so much to this place, but one of the biggest projects since my last post has been the remodel of our guest bathroom and master vanity area. Fortunately and unfortunately, the bathrooms were not that bad when we… Continue reading Bathroom Beautification

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Exterior paint!

Our house has been pretty on the inside for quite some time now. The exterior has been a whole different story though. The previous owner’s wife was apparently a big fan of blue, hence the blue carpet throughout the house when we bought it and the lovely blue trim and shutters on the outside of… Continue reading Exterior paint!

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Nameless baby’s nursery reveal!

She may not have a name yet, but she has a pretty room waiting for her!  Take a peek at our soon-to-be new addition’s gold, grey and pink nursery!                   Luckily Baby Sister (as we call her) has a handy dad, otherwise she would not have perfectly spaced gold dots on one… Continue reading Nameless baby’s nursery reveal!

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New nursery and pergola progress. 

Our pergola project is underway! This big pile of fabulous smelling Cedar got delivered to us a few weeks ago.     Trent started by cutting the decorative edges on each end of the boards. We decided to go with a “Champfer” cut. I originally accused Trent of picking that because it was easier than… Continue reading New nursery and pergola progress.